Blog post 5

A sneak peek at my short narrative entitled “Five Million”

It was a warm spring evening. A friend of mind and I decided to trek on foot to a deli in Whitestone. We were about three fourths of the way there after walking from Fresh Meadows when we suddenly hit a snag in our journey. Our trip came to a halt when the sidewalk which we were on came to an end as the street intersected the service road of the Cross Island Parkway. We had no choice but to sprint across, against traffic. As we took our first steps, the light suddenly changed and traffic shot toward us like racehorses out of the gate.

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Blog post 4

Reasons to like Guillermo Samperio’s “She Lived in a Story”:

points of interest
– self awareness among characters is rare and quite unique in short stories
– the writing was experimental and strayed from the norm, which was refreshing
– there was character variety, Ofelia and Segovia were quite opposite from each other, excellent contrast
– character awareness was reminiscent of film, simulated the breaking of the fourth wall in many films, shattering the illusion
– numerous switches in POV make the story confusing, but keep things interested by keeping you guessing

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Blog post 3

What is a narrative?

– a story
– a sequence of events (can be out of sync)
– contains characters (usually a protagonist and antagonist)
– has a narrator (some voice or being explaining background on characters and situations)
– provides details (who, what, when, where?)

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Blog post 2

a P.I.E. paragraph stands for – Point, Information, Explanation

step 1 – introduce the passage and provide a brief summary of what you are writing about

step 2- quote the passage to be used for analysis

step3- interpret the passage into your own words and explain how it pertains to your overall thesis/theme

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Blog post 1

Elements of a story

A story should be:
-necessary (everything with purpose)
-clarity = makes sense for the reader
-must be able to take something from it (informational)
-timeless/lasting/relevant despite age
-should teach a lesson or theme

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start blogging!

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